Hello World - My First Post

#Hello World in Python
print("Hello World")

//Hello World in C#
class HelloWorld
    static void Main()
        System.Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");

// Hello world in JavaScript

console.log("Hello World");

It has been a long time since I wanted to start my own blog. Today is the day. I think the word I am writing here would not only be a record for me to look back, but also a way to share what I am working on and what I have done so far.

As a programmer, I just want to start my blog with Hello World. (By the way, here are more info about what that is.) I still remember the first time when I program a function, which is a program print out some nice patterns. That was sixth grade, and I met my first mentor. So many emotions just rush to me. I was excited to see what a computer can do, and it still excite me and continue shaping who I am.

Today, I am a student in University of Washington and major in Informatics. I part-time worked at School of Dentistry IT, in where I built many internal web applications to improve the efficiency of the workflow. I am also research assistant in both Personal Robotics Lab and Sensor Systems Lab. I will share my work in my future posts.